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What We Do

Our objectives are to promote good agricultural practices, sustainable agriculture and optimal management of natural resources including solar, management of soil and water to adapt to climate change, based on market first approach.

We develop environmental and economic sustainable agribusinesses within the Zambian agricultural sector throughout Zambia. Within this field we build on three core pillars of development:

  • A climate smart agricultural framework and green energy such as solar energy;
  • Providing new income generating activities among rural communities using a market first, science driven approach to agriculture, and in particular horticulture, as the economic driver to improve income, health and nutrition;
  • Training and capacity building through research and development.

We assist small farmers to produce high quality fresh produce and processed products for local, regional and international markets. Our focus starts with primary production at the origin of the produce supply chain and we develop the capacity of small farmers to enable them to produce, harvest, pack/process and market their produce with the skills and quality controls required to gain access to good markets.

Our core areas of expertise include water management, irrigation technology, mechanization, the production of fresh market fruits and vegetables both in the field and under controlled environments such as plastic houses, tunnels, nursery management and germplasm selection and evaluation, and best management practices for horticultural crops.

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