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Our Innovation Centre Partners

Our Funding partners

The main source of funding for AgriSmart Zambia’s Horticultural Innovation Centre is generated from grants and direct investment and our main funding partners are USAID, Rutgers State University; New Jersey, Purdue University, SNV, GIZ and UNDP.

Our International Intellectual partners

The Horticultural Innovation Centre works with and is affiliated to Rutgers State University New Jersey, Purdue University, Princeton (as well as several other leading American universities), University of Stellenbosch; South Africa, World Vegetable Centre; Tanzania, University of Zimbabwe, Kaserta University; Thailand, Zamarano University; Honduras, Eldoret University; Kenya and Kenya Agricultural & Livestock Research Organization (KARLO).

Our Zambian and Regional Partners

The Horticultural Innovation Centre co-operates directly with the University of Zambia where it is located. Our other Zambian partners include, the National Resource Development College (NRDC), the Zambian Ministries of Agriculture, Finance and Trade and Commerce, Zambian Research institute, Zambian Bureau of Standards and the Zambia Farmers’ Union. We also have a partnership with COMESA (Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa).