Empowering Zambian women farmers2018-08-21T10:59:57+00:00

Empowering Zambian Women Farmers

Rural women are responsible for half of the world’s food production and produce between 60% and 80% of the food in developing countries and this is also the case in Zambia. Yet, despite their contribution to global food security, women farmers are frequently underestimated and overlooked in development strategies.

To better empower women agricultural producers to reach their potential, AgriSmart Zambia promotes women’s leadership in agriculture, fosters policy changes that increase women’s access to land and other assets and strengthens women’s access to financial and extension services. We encourage women to play a decisive role in food security, dietary diversity and children’s health.

While men grow mainly field crops, women are usually responsible for growing and preparing most of the food consumed in the home and raising small livestock, which provides protein. Therefore, most of the vegetable production and marketing is managed by women and AgriSmart Zambia addresses gender issues and focuses on projects relating to gender equality.