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Dairy Innovation Centre

AgriSmart Zambia is assisting with the implementation of a programme to improve the competitiveness of small holder dairy farming in Southern Zambia and this includes a feasibility study for the establishment of a Dairy Innovation centre in Southern Province.

This project forms part of the Green Innovation Centres for the Agricultural and Food Sector in Zambia, in co-operation with GIZ and SNV.

As part of the project AgriSmart Zambia personnel are working directly with dairy farmers in Southern Zambia to improve the milk production of their dairy herds through the increased availability of water. This is achieved though the creation of water catchment systems and improved water storage and distribution infrastructure which are providing additional drinking water for the animals as well as improving the sanitation during the milking process. The additional water is also assisting this initiative as farmers will be able to irrigate and produce additional and improved fodder cultivation for the herds.

The proposed innovation centre will bring together different stakeholders from the dairy sector, from academic research and teaching institutions, government extension ministries to NGO’s, industry processors, farmers and dairy cooperatives. The Dairy Innovation centre will work in collaboration with partner institutions to showcase technologies and innovations that improve dairy production in addition to providing practical dairy skills training. The feasibility study is currently ongoing.

Contract number: 8207384